Great Wild Elk

Great Wild Elk


While there is a tendency to emulate classic, arcade games in their video slot game version, some developers prefer to create an entirely original universe that fully takes advantage of the machine the game is running on.
This is the case with Great Wild Elk, a NextGen game that will take players to a highly-detailed fantasy universe where mystical creatures and artefacts can yield tremendous cash prizes. All in a beautifully designed parallel world.
So if you are in the mood for a total immersive experience into the heart of a magic kingdom, read on our full review of Great Wild Elk…

Simply Beautiful
There is a lot to say about the graphic quality of Great Wild Elk, as it really stands out positively from the crowd of more classic slot games.
The reels are transparent to let you take in the landscape that stretches beyond them better: a road going deep into a forest at night, with a giant tree standing tall in the distance. The quality of the graphics is simply excellent, you will even catch animated aurora borealis winding in the night sky and lighting up the scene with multiple colours.
The background music is an eerie tune that perfectly fits the resolutely fantasy universe of Great Wild Elk. Any player will probably be drawn immediately to the game after laying their eyes on it.

Some Practical Instructions
As beautiful as it may be, Great Wild Elk is still a slot game and as such it would be useful to know a little more about the rules before getting started.
The game is played on five spinning reels displaying three symbols at the end of each turn. The ten paylines available are fixed, which limits your options when it comes to customising your game settings. Use the switches in the lower left-hand corner to increase or decrease the size of your wager, while keeping in mind that a bigger bet yield bigger potential rewards in the future.

Hit the green arrow to start your turn. After each win, you can play an optional gambling game where guessing correctly the colour of a hidden card will double your bet, and guessing its suit will even quadruple it. A wrong answer will, on the contrary, take you back to the base game empty-handed. To skip the mini game and the settings altogether, use the Autoplay mode and put Great Wild Elk on autopilot for a while, thus allowing you to sit back and enjoy the spectacle for a moment, while your wins are automatically added to your credit total as they appear.

The Fantasy Continues
The reel symbols of Great Wild Elk are inspired by the universe of fantasy literature, and as such you should be ready to meet mysterious creatures and symbols on the reels as you play.
The list start with four different Runes; Blue, Green, Purple and Red, they have relatively low payouts but appear frequently on the reels. Next come the Squirrel, Snake and Eagle, thanks to whom things start getting a little more interesting.

Finally, the paytable of the game is topped by two Elven Princesses. These beautiful creatures are the most valuable symbols of the list, so you should keep your eyes peeled for them at all times.